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Improved: Working hours Working Hours control in Control Panel and logic is improved: now it is possible to setup days-off or lunch-breaks for any day of the week. Quick overview of the feature is here.
New Feature: History Export Export of History is available now in CSV and XLSX formats. Find the export links on Message History page of P3chat Control Panel. Read more.
Stress Management Tips As a customer service or sales person, you see a lot of stressful situations. How to control or even prevent them? Take a look and find some good ideas on stress management that work great for us.

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Why P3chat?

  • Proactive chat initiation

    Chat starts automatically by our software after visitor spends required time on a website, visits number of pages or lands on a desired one. More...

  • Rich Web Client with Active Invitations

    Rich Web Client is our Pro-oriented in-browser app designed for monitoring and serving online customers. More...

  • Canned Responses

    Configure predetermined responses to common questions to save on typing time. Responses are triggered by keystrokes in Rich Web Client app. More...

  • Integrations

    Integrations with Zendesk, Magento, Wordpress, PrestaShop. More...

  • Manage operator workload

    Assign 'operator-in-chief' who will serve the majority of online visitors or may redirect to more skilled colleague. More...

  • Recognizes regular visitors

    Operator has history of all visitor's past dialogues and uses it to respond the best.

  • Supports Google Talk / Jabber, Skype, ICQ...

    Popular P3chat feature is our best support for multiple Instant Messenger clients. More...

  • Speaks English, Spanish, German and 21 more languages

    For best service, you would want to use native language in talking to your online customers, the one that matches your website language. More...

  • Won't slow down your website

    Users are reluctant to visit pages that take infinity to load. P3chat code is asynchronous to prevent bad performance implications.

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