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Improved: Working hours

Working Hours control in Control Panel and logic is improved: now it is possible to setup days-off or lunch-breaks for any day of the week. Quick overview of the feature is here.

New Feature: History Export

Export of History is available now in CSV and XLSX formats. Find the export links on Message History page of P3chat Control Panel. Read more.

Stress Management Tips

As a customer service or sales person, you see a lot of stressful situations. How to control or even prevent them? Take a look and find some good ideas on stress management that work great for us.

Live chat tips: Emotions online

Emotions are a part of the business success. But how to express them through live chat? Especially when you have to sell or take care of the customer? There are some useful tips that lead to the creation of emotions online.

Reinventing Departments

We re-implemented P3chat Departments for good. Now you can create multiple Departments with the same P3chat HTML-code (or Site, as we call it now). Visitors can select a department before chat if several are configured. Learn more from our blog.

Post-vacation blues? Solved!

Have you ever heard about the "Post-vacation blues"? If yes, you know that it is a problem for sales people. We shared few ideas how to address it.

Santa and Live Chat. Really?

What if Santa use Live Chat instead of paper letters? Or what we have to say for you dear customers. Take a moment and read our holiday article.

How to deal with angry customer

Holidays are coming. Some customers may become angry or unhappy during the rush. How to deal with them via live chat? Here are some useful tips.

Live chat safety tips

Read new article about live chat security and privacy. Here you will find some useful tips about live chat security and privacy for sales reps and customer service specialists.

Online customer service

Professional communication with online customers are vital thing for the business. Read more on why it’s so and how to improve online communication.

P3chat for the E-shops

We are happy to see how E-shops all over the world use our product to increase customer satisfaction. Here is some thoughts and recommendations from us.

Саnned responses

Canned responses are available right now. Add, edit and use them right in Rich Web Client to avoid typing long repeating answers over and over again, but have them at your fingertips. More...

Zendesk Integration

We are happy to announce new integration with Zendesk customer support service. Enable it in Dashboard and all your chats/messages will become trackable tickets. Rich Web Client is updated to fetch and show Zendesk ticket details in visitor information pane.

TimeZone & Working Hours

Added TimeZone settings to view message history more comfortably. Dependent on TimeZone, new Working Hours settings can be configured for every operator. Messages are not delivered after working hours even when operators are online in their IM account. More...

Rich Web Client

We're proudly announcing Rich Web Client, our brand new Instant Messenger especially designed for Live support and engagement. Please read introductory blog post then create RWC operator in Dashboard to access new application from your browser.

Widget API

We released Widget API — a set of JavaScript functions to call within your HTML snippet or anytime during your JavaScript code execution flow. This is 'Simple things simple, complex things possible' kind of tool. Use it for advanced client-side scenarios as described in documentation.

Integration with Skype

P3chat now supports Skype — the most popular messenger to date and the popular P3chat feature request. More...

Ticket system integration

We’re now integrated with HappyFox customer support ticket system. With HappyFox your chat transcripts and offline messages can be automatically converted into tickets linked to visitor email. Your staff then manages, tracks and solves tickets while users are happy to see you cares. More...

Please introduce yourself!

You've asked and we implemented — a prompt for user name. It is both pleasing for clients when they get more personal service and useful for operators who can better track visitors and quickly recall the past conversations in history. More...

Magento Extension

We have our official Free Magento Extension published on the marketplace. Now users of this popular e-commerce platform can enjoy easy integration & configuration of P3chat. Please read our introductory blog post for more details. In case you're new to Magento Extrensons, check out this Extentions installation How-To first.

Float button positioning

Easily change the position of the Float Button using new advanced widget found on Depatments > Float Button settings.


Now, your site's visitor sees when operator is typing a new message to her. This creates a stronger engagement and prevents the worst case — when user drops the conversation (and, sadly, leaves the site!) just a few moments before operator has pressed a final <Enter>. Of course, operator can also see that visitor is still "on the line".

Operator Priorities

Priorities of operators became available. Now you can manage the load on each operator by yourself: appointing a chief operator who will answer most users' questions and additional operators which will solve the most important issues. More...

5 new widget languages

We continue to expand our multi-lingual offering. This time we added 5 new languages at once: Romanian, Catalan, Norwegian, Arabic, Italian and Dutch. Thanks all contributors for their hard work!

PrestaShop integration

We are please to inform about P3chat module for PrestaShop(
Thanks for a Great Job!

GEO location improved

Some have complained that NA/NA was displayed sometimes instead of actual geo-location of a caller or location looked not accurate enough. This is significantly improved now and subscribers to paid plans can enjoy much more accurate geo-information free of charge, thanks to our new contract with better geo-information provider.

New widget languages

Two new translations have joined our family of P3chat widget localizations — Korean and Portuguese. By courtesy of Andrey Strukov and Luso Digital respectively. According to Wikipedia, these two contribute to 78M and >200M native speakers world-wide!

Automatic chat initiation

We’ve just completed new feature called Rules. It forces chat window to be opened automatically as soon as user behavior conforms to certain rules configured. There are 3 types of Rules: Time on site, Pages/visits, URL destination.
Read more in our Blog.

Just released!

No more Beta label on the main page which means we're in release. Fixed many bugs and added features you've asked, we are proud to announce this now. Please check out our pricing and enjoy more operators/departments/channels for a very affordable (we believe) fee. Extended support is included in all paying accounts!

Few more languages

By courtesy of contributors we've got new widget languages: Spanish and Galician (by Ramón J González), German (by Christian Marquart) and Persian (by Hamid Zaeri). Thanks to you guys for your valuable work!

New languages

We added French and Ukrainian widget translations by courtesy of contributors and respectively. Thanks for great work!

Load button from URL

Up until now, button customization form let you upload images to store them on our servers. Now it additionally supports a 3rd-party image URLs that will be loaded directly from your pages. This may further improve performance!

Clear History

More control and privacy for free! Added ability to delete message history both on client and on server. Now visitors can feel more control of what is saved in their browser. Operators can be sure no unwanted pair of yes can ever see their confidential conversation.

MSN protocol

We add full Microsoft MSN protocol support as of today. Users of MSN Messenger or Windows Live Messenger can talk to their visitors through P3chat now. Create new operator and put your Live ID to start using the feature.

Away/DND status

Introduced support of Away and DND status familiar to most IM users. Messages will not be delivered to operators whose status is set to DND/Away. Also fixed annoying secondary authorization request experienced by ICQ users during channel adding.

Faster loading

In our ongoing effort to bring the best user experience we improved performance of widget loading. The button appears much smoother now and scripts are not loaded at all until really needed. Lazy loading in action!

Yahoo! Messenger

Yahoo! Messenger (YIM) is now fully supported. We implemented this per requests of longtime fans of it. And it's really cool indeed! Next comes Microsoft's MSN which is currently under development.

New website!

New website is finally launched. Beside our unique design it offers useful content like feature description, easy setup and support. We're still in Beta, so please pay attention to the feedback widget on the left side.

Operator commands

Introduced new ability for operators to manage conversations with commands typed directly into IM clients. Try !help (or !h) in your messenger and follow the guidance.