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Best of breed features of Live Chat

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Rich Web Client

We developed Rich Web Client app to be an ultimate chat console for operators and their managers. With the goal to not only receive, redirect and record chats, but also to make educated invites to chat in real-time, it becomes a must-have tool for active Sales and Support reps.

Rich Web Client - Visitors view Rich Web Client - Info pane
Real Time Visitor Monitoring
Active Invitationwith one click
History of calls
Browsing details

Chat & Engage

Rich Web Client

After receiving a support call or actively inviting to chat, the Chat View is opened. Standard chat experience is enhanced with many Pro features: detailed customer information on the right panel, history of previous interactions with in-page activity and one-click actions. Managers have the ability to join any chat session to supervise.

Rich Web Client - Chat view
Canned responsessaving your time More...
Concurrent chatswith many visitors
Customer InfoExtensible via Addons
One Click ActionsRedirect, Kick/Ban, Clear history

Instant Messengers support

Skype, Google Talk, iChat, ICQ, XMPP

The feature unique to P3chat alone is our strong support of popular Instant Messengers out of the box. No need to install any software or create new accounts, just use your beloved IM app for PC, Mac or mobile to recieve chats form your website. Use text commands for more control (try !help).

Advanced Actions Use !help to see how to redirect, kick/ban, see customer info and more
HistoryAll previous messages
Customer infoEmail, location, IP, browser, ...
Typing indicator
Instant Messengers

Solid Chat Widget

On your website

Visitors of your website will see this nice and simple chat widget. All that you'd expect from a solid chat app is supported: sound notifications, typing indicator and previous messages, plus some web-related features like uninterrupted cross-tab experience and links detection. Note: Widget API and Integrations enable some hidden chat gems.

Sound & Notifications
Links detection
Typing indicator
Offline Messages
Chat history
UI Localization 23 languages More...
P3chat Widget